The Automation department, also called EDP (Electronic Data Processing), is a supporting department within the GBS.

⦁ Mainly produces statistics electronically from surveys and projects

⦁ Offers support to other ABS departments in the field of automation:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Technical

The department reports to the deputy director of Scientific Research, Planning & Documentation
and is staffed by a team of 5 members:
1 Head of the department; 2 system administrators; and 2 assistants.
Temporary staff members are hired to help process major projects, more in particular;
population censuses, business censuses and household budget surveys.

The purposes of the department are
1. to ensure the proper operation of ICT systems
2. to ensure the proper operation of input and processing systems
3. to maintain a representative website and a well-functioning email communication system

The tasks to accomplish these purposes are, without limitation, to
1. maintain all computer components and the ICT system (all personal computers,
peripherals and the network)
2. resolve ICT-related problems
3. help maintain the website
4. ensure well-functioning email communications
5. develop input programs and/or coding systems
6. develop data processing programs
7. provide support in the area of automation
8. provide automation consumables
9. produce reports from databases
10. provide relevant training

Micro Data Lab
The GBS micro data lab allows bona fide researchers to use micro data produced by the ABS itself.

This implies that visitors of the micro data lab can make use of facilities such as:
Anonymous micro data

However, it should be noticed that any such use is subject to the stringent lab conditions in place.

Using the micro lab is not free of charge.

The micro data lab facilities (rooms, hardware and software) will not be open to users during
large-scale surveys or censuses, involving the entry of data and the entry of commercially based data from third parties.