The Public Relations and Information department is a communications strategic policy instrument that plays an important role in ABS’s establishing and maintaining relevant contacts, both nationally and internationally.

Historical overview
In the past, it was mainly via the respective heads of the statistical departments and via the secretariat that ABS established and maintained its contacts with relevant groups of relations.
The fast-rising number of information requests and other significant social and technical developments led to an increasing need for a central entry point at ABS in relation to the distribution of information and the handling of requests for information.
To satisfy this need, in October 1998, we started standardising the Public Relations and Information department.

This department has since served as the central point to register and handle all information requests as soon as possible.

Not only does the growing number of such requests over the past few years reflect the increasing need for statistical information from both the national and the international communities, it may also be considered indicative of the need to optimise, wherever necessary, the way we communicate with the relevant target groups.

What does the PRI department have to offer to you?

  • It will answer your requests by telephone, in writing, by fax of email.
  • It has copying facilities available (for reproducing ABS material)

All data that we have at our disposal can be found in our Data Availability Matrix.

We will be happy to respond to any requests for further information on Mondays to Fridays between 8am and 1.30pm.

We trust that we have given you some guidelines and we invite you to make use of our services.

Phone: (597) 471543

Phone: (597) 231135/212321

Phone: (597) 356364