Population Statistics


The Population Statistics department collects, processes and analyses population data, as well as several demographic indicators. The department’s purpose is to provide both the national and the international communities with population statistics. Population statistics give information on the size and composition of the population or parts of the population bysex, age group and other indicators. The information also covers the causes of population increase or decrease, namely births, deaths and migration.

Some of the simple indicators determined by the department every year include

  • (Crude) birth rate = (births / mid-year population) * 1000
  • Age-specific birth rate = (births among women in a particular age group / all women in the same age group) * 1000
  • Infant mortality rate = (deaths among infants aged under one year / no. of births) * 1000.
  • The department also makes an estimate of the mid-year population.

In September 2017, the Population Statistics department published Demographic Data 2013-2016. This publication contains data on population, births, deaths, marriages, divorces and migration

In addition to its regular activities, the department is closely involved in GBS projects (MICS, CENSUS, Household Budget Survey, Business Census), while working continually on the enriching and transferring of knowledge.

Contact information of the department:
Head of the department: Ms Ana A. Soeltan-Beck BSc
Tel.: +597 473737 / 235/ 234

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