The General Bureau of Statistics (ABS) was founded on 1 January 1947, originally reporting directly to the Governor. Following a number of transfers to different ministries, it is currently attached to the Ministry of Finance. In December 2002, a new statistics act was adopted, providing for the establishment of a semi-autonomous body under the name of “Stichting Algemeen Bureau voor de Statistiek” (ABS – General Bureau of Statistics Foundation). By 14 March 2003, once included in the Register of Foundations, all conditions were fulfilled for ABS to start its operations.

Please refer to our website for further information on areas including:

  • Consumer price indexes (CPI)
  • Gross domestic product
  • Gross national income
  • Imports and exports
  • Unemployment figures
  • Population figures
  • Final results of the seventh and eighth general censuses of population and housing

The information on this website aims to increase the visitor’s statistical awareness.

You are welcome to visit or contact the Public Relations & Information department of ABS for further information. The department is located on the ground floor of our office on 5, Klipstenenstraat, Paramaribo; tel. +597 473737 The Nickerie office is on 182, Wellingtonstraat; tel. +597 231406 Our Commewijne branch is located on 293, Djojosoepartoweg; tel. +597 366364.

Legal framework

The 1954 Statistics Act (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees, no. 67) constituted the legal framework for ABS operations for many years, until 13 March 2003.

The foundation’s legal framework is currently made up by the following legal instruments:

  • The Statistics Act – Bulletin of Acts and Decree- of 2002, no. 97 Read more.
  • The Census Act – Bulletin of Acts and Decree of 1949, no. 110 Read more.

Since it was first set up, ABS has been led by a director. In the present situation, the director reports to a foundation board comprising representatives of the public sector(1), the private sector(2), trade unions(2), the Central Bank of Suriname(1), the University of Suriname(1), the NGOs(1) and the Suriname Planning Office (“Stichting Planbureau Suriname”)(1).

ABS’s data production and distribution is independent and impartial and based on the use of adequate surveys and international methodologies.
In producing and distributing its data, ABS adheres to the Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics of the United Nations, which means, inter alia, that the confidentiality of the information provided is paramount. Read more.


The vision of the General Bureau of Statistics is to be a constantly learning organisation that operates optimally as a co-ordinator and major producer of adequate statistics within the national statistics system of the Republic of Suriname.


Its mission is to provide the Surinamese and international communities with high-quality statistics enabling users to gain an insight into the demographic, economic and socio-cultural situation and development of Suriname.


Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.

H. G. Wells

Core values

  • Service-mindedness
  • Impartiality
  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Team spirit


The Statistics Commission (COMSTAT) oversees the activities of ABS by supervising the director, who is primarily assisted by two deputy directors, namely one for scientific research and planning, and one for statistics, as well as by several managers, to wit: the human resources manager, the census office manager, the social statistics manager and the manager of economic statistics.

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