The Census office was officially established on 1 June 2005, with the main objective of coordinating the activities surrounding the Census event.
The Census office produces statistics based on census results and supports the director of ABS / the National Census Officer in all activities concerning the preparation, implementation and evaluation of Population and Housing Censuses.
The Census office is a permanent unit within ABS and is headed by a manager entrusted with the management of the office, reporting directly to the director of ABS.

Examples of the main tasks of the Census office:

  • Helps prepare the questionnaire for the census
  • Compiling census publications
  • Handling information requests regarding census data
  • Help plan future censuses
  • Help plan intercensal surveys (i.e. related surveys held between two successive population censuses)
  • Help manage population census files

Together with the Population Statistics department, the Census office is also responsible for estimates of the mid-year population and population projections. In addition to this, it collaborates with the Household Surveys department in the area of cartography.


More information on and in relation to censuses: