The Trade Statistics department produces statistical data on imports and exports on an accrual basis according to various classification systems providing the national and international communities insight into the economic situation and development in the area of imports and exports in Suriname.
The data is sourced from the Import and Excise Duties department of the Ministry of Finance, for all imports and exports through the different landing piers and Johan Adolf Pengel Luchthaven and Zorg & Hoop airports.
This information on imports and exports is collected and processed in accordance with the Automated System of Customs Data, the so-called ASYCUDA WORLD system. It is collected from Customs every month and subsequently screened and processed by ABS.
Data processing is carried out by the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) department using the Ms Acces Eurotrace Domain System. This system enables data collection according to the Harmonized System (HS) Classification model, Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) and the Economic Goods Group (EGG).
ABS receives requests for trade data from in and outside Suriname every day through its Public Relations and Information (PRI) department. Data is made available in compliance with an applicable international code of conduct, more specifically the Disclosure Prevention Policy (DPP) . DPP stipulates that no data may be provided in relation to any persons (natural persons and corporations) nor any other information in any form that would enable deducing individual information. In practice, this means that if there are fewer than three actors in any sector of industry or if one participant dominates 95% or more of the market in any particular sector of industry, ABS will not make the data available.

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