The department collects key data that gives an impression of the social, economic and cultural situation of Surinamese society and produces, among other things, statistics with regard to Climate and Environment, Transport & Traffic, Employment & Occupational Safety, Education, Social Insurance, Healthcare, Public Finance and Crime.

Data collection:
The data collection is based on secondary data from both external and internal data sources. These data sources are contacted annually by telephone and in writing.

The department is responsible for compiling the “Statistical Yearbook of Suriname”.
The following sections are usually included in this publication:

Key figures of Suriname

  • Surface, Climate & Environment
  • Population
  • Transport and Traffic
  • Economy
  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • Prices and Wages
  • Employment and Related Statistics
  • Education
  • Social services
  • Public Health
  • Public finances
  • Justice and Police

In addition to regular work, the department is also intensively involved in ABS projects (MICS, CENSUS, Household Budget Research) while working continually on the enriching and transferring of knowledge.

Department contact details:

Telephone: 473737 # 236

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