In November 2001, GBS started its statistical papers. The purpose of these papers is to present analyses on subjects of social relevance. In most cases, the Scientific Research and Planning and other GBS departments of the GBS contribute to the articles. Other researchers may be asked to have a contribution in the paper as well.

To date, statistical papers published and their respective subjects are:

Publication Title
Statistical Paper no. 1: A Survey of the Consumption of Non-durables
(based on the Household Budget Survey 1999/2000
trade indices (establishing a Unit Value index for Suriname)
Statistical Paper no. 2: Censuses in Suriname’s Geographic Information System
Statistical Paper no. 3 en 4: No 3 :

  1. Ethnicity in Suriname’s censuses from 1950
  2. Peaks and troughs in Surinamese economy: development of the gross domestic product in the period 1956-2004

No 4:

  • Fuel price increase: Short-term effects of the Consumer Price Index
  • Some effects of the fuel price increase on the economy:
    a macroeconomic view
Statistical Paper no. 5: Religion / beliefs and people in work / not in work in Suriname
Statistical Paper no. 6: Inequality issues (possible applications of, inter alia, the GINI coefficient) and
Population projections 2004-2024 (a summary)
Statistical Paper no. 7: Suriname’s gross domestic product (production method vs confirmatory method)
The informal sector in Suriname
Contribution of non-formal education (a summary)
Statistical Paper no. 8: A survey of the competitive position of Surinamese chicken
versus imported chicken
Statistical Paper no. 9: Input – output tables Table 2007 for Suriname (a first step)
Price indices (how and what)
Geographic differences in fertility in the Republic of Suriname
Statistical Paper no. 10: Price development
Statistical Paper no. 11: Fertility and growth of Maroons in Suriname
The housing problem in Suriname
Statistical Paper no. 12: Household budget surveys (a basic description and comparison)
People in work and people not in work in Suriname : results of household survey 2009-2011
(a comparison of Paramaribo and Wanica vs Nickerie)
requests and searches for information from ABS (2007-2011)
Statistical Paper no. 13: Effects of globalisation; a view of the development of employment in Suriname’s bauxite sector
Statistical Paper no. 14: The household situation of female-headed households in Paramaribo
Statistical Paper no. 15: A statistical survey from a gender perspective of Surinamese women and men
Statistical Paper no. 16+17: No. 16:
Life Expectancy
Standard of living and poverty in Suriname – A further analysis based on consumptive expenditure by households
No. 17:
Development planning – An overview of growth and price developments 2012-2016
What is demographic transition ?/ the demographic transition in Suriname
Statistical Paper no. 18: Labour statistics of the General Bureau of Statistics (ABS) in Suriname: a description of their creation and a comparison 2012-2017
Statistical Paper no. 19: Statistical Papers 19:

-Methodologie van de Consumentenprijsindex van Suriname (Gebaseerd
op Huishoudbudgetonderzoek 2013/2014)

-De verschillende fasen en activiteiten bij de voorbereiding en uitvoering
van een Volksstelling

-Officiële criminaliteitsstatistieken in Suriname 2000-2017

The statistical papers relate to the end result or the interim report of the activities of various ABS staff, including its directors. The usual disclaimer applies to all contributions, with the exception of those by directors. The opinions expressed by the authors are not necessarily shared by the General Bureau of Statistics Foundation.

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