Statistical Thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.

H. G. Wells

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National databases containing ABS data and data from various ministries / agencies.


Education, vaccination, breastfeeding, access to media and ICT skills, safe water and adequate sanitation, HIV status, population, education, transportation, criminal activity


Environmental statistics, tourism, transportation, health, water, mining, electricity, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, biodiversity, air and waste processing


Census data of 2004 and 2012, households, health, employment, population, etc.


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MICS Suriname Multiple Indicator
Cluster Survey

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GDP and other National accounts,
Gross value added,
Gross domestic product,
Gross national income,
National income per capita,
Disposable income

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Trade Statistics Import and export statistics using
various classification systems on 
a quarterly and an annual basis

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Statistical yearbook Publication of sections
on facts and figures 
concerning the situation
and development of 
Suriname in social, demographic 
and economic terms.

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Environmental statistics Data on climate & natural disasters,
tourism, transport, health, 
water, energy & minerals, forestry, 
fisheries, land use & agriculture,
biodiversity, air and waste.

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Gender statistics Data by gender in the areas of 
education, population & health,
labour, employment and 
unemployment, criminal activity,
public administration, social

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Basic Indicators Social, economic, financial and 
monetary indicators including monthly
and quarterly figures

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Statistical Papers Analyses on subjects
of social relevance

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Employment statistics Data on people
in work (by gender, age,
level of education, occupation,
industrial sector) and 
people not in work
(unemployment figures)

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Population statistics Data on population, births, 
deaths, marriages, divorces
and migration

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Traffic and transportation
Statistics on international 
passenger traffic, road traffic,
water traffic and transportation, 
air traffic and transportation, 

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Economic Statistics Economic and quarterly statistics 
provide a bird's eye view of 
Suriname's economy. Data are collected 
on a quarterly basis 
from large 
companies (10 or more staff)

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Census Census, demographic and social 
characteristics, migration, education,
employment and transportation, 
fertility, sport, households, 
living quarters and families,
environment, criminal activity

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Prices in the
construction industry
Wage data by builder
role collected from 
construction companies

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MDG / SDG The Sustainable Development 
Goals (SDGs), the successors of the 
millennium goals, seek to end 
poverty, inequality and 
climate change by 2030.

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Caribbean Statistics Day Caribbean Statistics Day is a yearly 
event celebrated in CARICOM countries
since 2009 on or about 
15 October.

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